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Photography. Keep it real.

This is what I strive to achieve, reality; as I see it, as I experience it, and hopefully as you see it too.

With a background in photojournalism and reportage going back more than a decade, the tapestry of my existence has been woven into what I am now. Here to capture what is seen with my own eyes, and bring it to those who wish to keep it or see it from afar.

Too much of photography has been distorted beyond that which is believable; from celebrity culture to pure propaganda. I won't change that, although I may choose to participate in a constructive way, or maybe a little cryptoanarchy to spice things up.

This is a new and growing website, gallery of sorts. Please feel free to have a look through, and enjoy the moments as I have enjoyed them.
Some images from my reportage work may not necessarily be something which you would normally 'enjoy', but really, life in all the flavours which we know, is just there. We make of it what we will.

To hold a camera in my hand, to look through a lens, to release the shutter; I have no other reason to be here.

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